Hairstyles for triangular face men

Hairstyles for triangular face men, There are numerous hairstyles for men with triangle faces, but a few are more suited to this shape than others. For example, a short cut on a triangular face will draw attention to the chin and smaller forehead area, while a long, layered cut will flatter the face shape.

Hairstyles for triangular face men Men Hairstyle

Hairstyles for triangular face men

Curly hairstyles

A triangular face can benefit from curly hairstyles that add fullness to the top while keeping the sides short. The quiff is an example of an elegant but sexy hairstyle that is great for a man with this face shape. Despite the quiff’s popularity, it’s not for everyone. Its symmetrical shape makes it perfect for men with a triangular face.

A side fringe can also create the illusion of a square face by balancing the jawline and forehead. The heavy top hairstyle also widens the upper part of the head, making a triangular face look more balanced.

Angle-heavy haircuts

Men with triangular faces often ask, “What kind of haircuts will look good on me?” The best way to balance the shape is to add more volume on the top. This will make the top part of your face appear sharper, thereby restoring the balance of your face. An angle-heavy cut with a side fringe will help build volume on top and hide it lower down.

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Men with triangular faces have a wide jaw and narrow forehead. This shapes makes the jawline the focal point, and can be very attractive with the right haircut. Men with this shape can choose from a variety of different styles to enhance the shape of their face.


Triangular face men can go for the combed-over haircut as it creates a symmetry between the forehead and jawline. This hairstyle can be achieved by waxing the top and side hair or brushing it to the side. While this style is difficult to maintain, it is ideal for men with this type of face shape.

Triangular face men should avoid a beard as it will only add to the weight of their bottom-heavy face. The best beard style for men with this face shape is a clean shave with a touch of stubble.

Inverted triangle face hairstyles

To flatter the inverted triangle face shape, men should avoid chopping off their top hair. Comb-over haircuts look great on this shape, giving men a bit more control over the direction of the top hair. They can also use a medium-long, wispy style to add some length to the forehead. Using hair pomade or wax before brushing their hair is a good idea, as it will give the hair style more control and hold.

To make this shape more enticing, men can try out beachy waves. These look great and can give men a hippie vibe. Platinum wavy medium-length bobs are also a great choice, as they give the hair a tousled feel. A messy bun with long curly bangs is another look that will attract women.

Side part

Side part hairstyles for triangular-shaped men can give them dramatic contrast while adding volume. The style also helps to balance out an angular jawline and narrow jawline. A side part is great for guys with this facial shape, but it can be hard to keep up with.

Side part hairstyles for triangular-shaped men should balance the jawline and forehead, but avoid too much of short hair on the sides. Too much short hair on the side can make your face look narrower than it actually is. Instead, try going for medium-length or long waves that will balance your face shape.

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